Origins of a business name (Part 1)


I have always loved this old painting showcased in a now broken, gold gilt frame (this photo really doesn't do it justice at all).
My mum bought it for me from a second-hand shop and it used to hang above my bed when I was a young girl (distant memory !!).
I always called her Lily, don't know why, but I did. 
So when I came up with the concept of a botanical inspired decor business, Lily in her 'not so urban garden' (by today's standards) immediately came to mind....  

PS. This is actually an original PEARS SOAP painting. It's hard to see but there is a faint red Pears Soap Stamp in the bottom right-hand corner. I have tried researching it's true history but have come up blank! So if anyone can point me in the right direction, please get in contact as I'd really love to know what the real story behind this Pears Soap Painting, thanks xx  

Sally PorterComment