Origins of a business name (Part 2)


As a business name, Lily on it’s own wasn’t memorable, relevant or unique, so I teamed it with Urban…

Lily Urban = botanical accessories for people living crazy, busy lives in the city ....

o   Our Collections take care of themselves and visually create a much need calm and tranquil interior feel to help us de-stress at home (or the office)

o   Climate controlled interiors of today's urban homes, can play havoc with living varieties. So for those who wish to have a presence of 'evergreen, everyday', our faux botanicals are an ideal option.

o   Potted ready to go, our collections save people the time and hassle of having to size, style & pot.

o   Teamed with the word Lily, it becomes a ‘unique’ name which is quite fitting as our collections are uniquely different from anything else on the market

o   Shrinking backyards and the growing number of apartment complexes in city locations, sees a greater need for indoor greenery. The idea was to create a designer collection of potted faux botanicals that truely emulated nature and provided a perennial touch of indoor greenery.


Sally Porter