The back story...


You search high & low for something until you get to a point where you realise that what you are looking for doesn't exist. So, what do you do ??

Do it yourself and that's exactly what I did....

I love house plants. I love what they do to a space. To me, greenery invokes a sense of calm, welcome and tranquility.

I have a great selection of real plants around the place at home, but I wanted a few artificial ones as well, so that I'd always have some indoor greenery looking its best regardless of how time poor or negligent as a ‘plant parent’ I happened to be.

Knowing that the quality of artificials had dramatically improved since 'my gran's days', I thought it would be easy enough to find at least a few options.

How could I be so wrong...

Now I have to admit, I did set very high standards and was quite specific with my wish list, they had to be:

  • already potted (I didn't want the hassle of sizing and putting it together)

  • first class faux given they were being displayed with my living plants

  • potted in uniquely different, handmade, contemporary vessels

Having found only those mass produced, off-the-shelf, generic fake looking plants that you often see in glossy or plastic pots, I decided to source, curate and pot up my own uniquely different collection, of ‘fashionable faux foliage’.

So started my journey to 'change the face of faux, one potted plant at a time.......'

aka - Lily Urban -